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Our Story

    Around 30 years ago, Dr. Jeff Burroughs and his wife Tiffany Burroughs moved from the city life of Raleigh, NC, to the country life of Cerro Gordo, NC, so Jeff could open his own business as a practicing veterinarian. They had three daughters, all of whom grew up on the farm. 

     The farm began as a hobby for Jeff and his three daughters. Jeff intended to keep them busy 24/7, making sure there was always chores to do on the farm. He bought his daughters goats to care for; each one with their own unique name. Eventually, Jeff's daughters branched into competitive showmanship through the local 4-H program, which naturally led to providing the local livestock market with traditionally raised goats.

    Our farm officially began to grow when Jeff began running into a few health problems. Jeff was always extremely active: he was an ex-wrestler and loved performing outdoor, physical activities. However, he was constantly plagued with plantar fasciitis and cataract problems, and could not understand why. It even got to a point where he was walking with a cane all day. This all led to him researching his diet and realized everything he had learnt had been a lie. This was when Fat Mountain Farms was born!

    Since learning our lesson, we understood that traditional agricultural practices have manipulated the growing cycles of crops and livestock far outside of the natural order. Fat Mountain Farms is now actively working to heal our land and strengthen our herd through holistic and sustainable practices. To our team, God’s way is the best way of stewarding. By focusing on returning nutrients to our pasture and keeping our livestock in a happy environment, Fat Mountain Farms is able to provide 100% grass fed and finished meat cuts to the local community.

Farmers Illustration
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