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Jack Middleton

Farm Operations Manager

Jack's Story

Originating from London, England, Jack had little to no knowledge about farming. The closest he got to farming was buying meat from the grocery store. It wasn't until he moved to America that all changed.

Growing up, Jack played Tennis. He trained 2-4 hours a day, 5-6 days a week, with hopes of becoming a professional Tennis player. He managed to receive a Tennis scholarship to the University of Mount Olive in North Carolina in 2016. Playing four years of college Tennis, Jack reached a career high ranking of #18 in the nation in doubles and top 30 in the nation as a team. He received his bachelors degree in business management while performing as a student athlete. 


When Jack got married to his wife Emma in 2020, they both decided America was the best place for both of them. Not being allowed to work until his immigration was approved, his father in-law, Jeff Burroughs, had him working on the farm. It was at that point, farming became one of the biggest parts of Jack's life.


Jack is currently the Farm Operations Manager, ensuring the farm operates to the highest standard every day. Through his athletic background and understanding of the benefits of high quality nutrition to assist physical performance, Jack hopes to help others improve their overall health and performance through our pasture raised meat, and make it easy for everyone to access.  

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