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Jeff Burroughs

Founder & CEO

Jeff's Story

Born and raised in North Carolina, Jeff has been surrounded by animals and livestock his whole life. Graduating from Veterinary school at North Carolina State University in 1994, Jeff moved, with his wife, Tiffany, down to Cerro Gordo, NC, to open up his Veterinary practice.

Jeff raised three girls: Alex, Jessie, and Emma. Throughout their lives, he had them working on the farm and raising goats to keep them occupied. His daughters would take great care of their goats, making sure they were always in the best condition when they brought them to farm shows.


Jeff loves the outdoors and was always super active. It wasn't until his late 30s that he started to develop some health problems. He would get plantar fasciitis, arthritis in knee joints, keratitis, and dry eyes. All of these issues began to affect his everyday life. This was when Fat Mountain Farms began to evolve. 

Jeff began reading more and more and realized it was his diet that was causing all his medical problems. He realized it was not only what we were eating, but what our animals were eating as well. Jeff did not want to people to suffer like he did, hence his development of regenerative farming. Ever since Fat Mountain Farms development, Jeff wanted to include his entire family in the business. The farm now has his three daughters and each of their spouses somewhat involved in the farm.

He hopes to help as many lives as possible and teach the future generation about how crucial regenerative farming is.

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