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Emma Middleton

Social Media Manager & Farm Assistant

Emma's Story

Emma was born and raised in Cerro Gordo, NC. Since a young age, she has been around livestock and raised multiple goats. Throughout high school, she was part of the Future Farmers of America (FFA) program, taking part in many activities to showcase the program. In 2015, Emma went to the University of Mount Olive to study Biology and play Tennis for the college. 


Throughout her college career, she consistently played on the line up for singles and doubles and was captain of the Tennis team her senior year. In 2019, Emma graduated with a Bachelors in Biology, with a minor in Chemistry. 

In 2020, she married her husband, Jack, who both now live on the farm. Emma currently works full-time as a Medical Lab Scientist, while handling Fat Mountain Farms' social media pages and holistic management practices. 

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