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Fat Mountain Farms

Memorial Day Grill Bundle

Memorial Day Grill Bundle

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What better way to prepare for Memorial Day than with grassfed meat and pasture-raised chicken? Shop this curated bundle to bring the taste of Fat Mountain Farms' meats to your holiday weekend! 

This bundle includes the following items and quantities:

  • x2 Pastured Chicken Leg Quarters (1.5-2.0lbs)
  • x2 Pastured Chicken Wings (1.5-2.0lbs)
  • x2 Pastured Drumsticks (1.0-1.5lbs)
  • x2 Grassfed Ground Lamb (1.0lbs)

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3x more omega-3's

6% higher protein

15% more collagen

3x more omega-3's

6% higher protein

15% more collagen

See how we move our chickens everyday

  • Greater Nutrients

    Moving our chickens everyday to new areas of pasture means they get to eat fresh, nutrient dense grass everyday. Not only does this give the chickens more nutrients, but the consumer as well.

  • Greater Life

    By moving our chickens to fresh areas of pasture everyday, it keeps them clean and allows them to express their natural insticts of scratching and pecking.

  • Greater Land

    By moving our chickens everyday helps us naturally fertilize the soil over our farm.

    Healthier soil = healthier animals

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5 / 5.0

Five stars +. FMF has the best customer service. Trust me. I recently had an order delivered to PA and they were great for all of it! They contacted me when the order was delayed, again when it shipped, made sure it was received in good condition, and made sure it was up to quality after I’d opened it. Normal places don’t care that much. I also love knowing that what I’m eating was treated in a way that all of our food SHOULD be treated; with care, respect, and integrity. (You can even watch their day-to-day work on their Instagram page @fatmountainfarms.)It is obvious FMF puts a great deal of effort into what they do and in making sure clients are happy with their products. The type of commitment they have to their work is rare to see these days! I would one hundred percent recommend FMF to anyone. tracking. I really like it.

Lillie B.

I absolutely love this place! I got to tour the farm. These animals are WELL taken care of and are allowed LOTS of grazing space. They even plant a huge garden just for them to eat. “Free range chickens “ advertisement in the store means the chickens get to have about 2 feet of space. These chickens have a huge area to run around in as well as the sheep. They are moved around the property to ensure they get all the food they need.

Laurelyn B.

We had an amazing time at Fat Mountain Farms today! Jack and Emma are so kind and accommodating and answered all the questions we had about how they raise and care for their animals. It was amazing to get to experience first hand what takes place in the day to day of running a farm. You can tell they love what they do and it really shines through in the quality of their products. Thank you so much for hosting us!

Mollie L.

Genuine, caring and thoughtful owners. Farmer Jack is class act and was a top notch host. If you get a chance to visit their farm do it! We went today and it was an incredible experience. The farm was excellent, we learned so much. The quality of product couldn’t get any better. I literally walked in the door after going there and started my oven as I can’t wait to eat more! Absolutely amazing. Thanks Farmer Jack and Emma for an incredible experience. You made us all feel so welcome. It’s all my kids are talking about. ❤️🙏💯

Paul H.

Nick S.

Camilla M.