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Holistic Management Pracitces

Please explore all of our holistic management practices on our farm. Our management practices are what makes our meat greater than conventional or organic meat. While being able to pasture raise all of our meat, we are also healing our land through our holistic management processes.



Rotational-grazing Lamb

Our Sheep rotate pasture every 24-48 hours. In nature, herbivores are known to be constantly moving onto fresh pasture, to avoid the manure left behind and obtain the most nutritions food possible. At Fat Mountain Farms, we aim to simulate the same... read more


Pastured Broilers

Placed in a 10ft x 12ft x 2ft. high, portable field shelter, our broilers are moved every 24hrs on to fresh pasture. Receiving fresh air, bugs, grass, sunshine, and non-genetically-modified feed (Non-GMO), these meat birds... read more



Pastured Eggs

At Fat Mountain Farms, our hens play a vital role in naturally fertilizing our soil and providing our customers with highly nutritious eggs. Living in a portable coop, our hens are moved every 3-5 days, receiving the freshest grass & bugs, and receive sunshine all day long! Click here to try our eggs today...




What goes around, comes around! At Fat Mountain Farms, we do our absolute best to ensure nothing goes to waste. Anything that can decompose, such as food waste or dead animals, goes onto our compost pile to enable us to be able to reuse it and improve the... read more

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