The War Against Meat Continues...

The War Against Meat Continues...

Since the the start of the COVID pandemic in 2020, there has been a clear agenda to keep society unhealthy and transition populations away from real meat. According to one article, "The world’s largest meat-processing company, Brazil-based JBS S.A., has announced plans to construct the world’s largest cell-cultured, meat plant in San Sabastian, Spain" by 2024.

Now more than ever, there has never been such a large emphasis on producing fake meat. Even when it is clear society doesn't want those products, the corporations seem to continue building more fake meat plants and making it more difficult for farmers and ranchers to produce grass-fed and pasture-raised products.

Everyone, including the so-called "experts", know grass-fed, farm-raised meat, consumed for thousands of years, is safe and healthy for human consumption. They have no idea of the long-term consequences of consuming plant-based meat, so why do the governments around the world want us to transition away from God's perfect cycles?

The simple answer: control.

If you control the food supply, you control the populations. The global elites know they have zero power over populations if they’re able to buy food directly from local farmers or grow food for themselves. A study showed that if every family in America had one cow, it would feed them for an entire year.

This is exactly why there has been so many different methods to try and stop the production of local producers. From documentaries to “global warming”, they’’ll do anything to try and stop farmers and ranchers from producing meat.

So how does one prevent such atrocities to continue? Just say no to the technocratic elites peddling fake meat and insects to the masses, and continue buying from your local farmer. It has never been more prevalent than today to support local producers because it is clear the global elite don’t want you improving your health.

Find a local farmer and receive the confidence of knowing your food was raised how nature intended. We can’t do this without you!



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