Regenerative farming focuses on enhancing the cycles of nature through rotational grazing practices. It places a heavy focus on soil health with attention also paid to water management, fertilizer use, and more.

No. Hormones and antibiotics are not used on our farm, which results in healthier, leaner, meat.

All our animals are processed at a USDA facility.

We offer products for direct farm pick up, local farmers market pick up, or nationwide & regional shipping.

We unfortunately do not offer any beef products at this time. We are hoping to expand to beef in the near future.

  • FREE ground shipping on all orders over $250
  • $35 Flat Rate shipping on orders over $150
  • $20 regional shipping rate for all addresses in southeastern region
  • Addresses located outside of 3-day UPS shipping zone (mainly western states), will be subject to 2nd day air shipping to guarantee safe delivery.
  • We do not ship to to PO Boxes.

We use UPS

Everything is vacuum sealed, frozen, and shipped with dry ice within a 3 day transit time.

If your cooler still contains dry ice on arrival, wear gloves to remove the bag from the cooler and place the bag outdoors. Once completely evaporated dispose of the plastic bag. Dry ice is solidified carbon dioxide. As the -109°F substance absorbs heat, it turns directly into a gas, releasing carbon dioxide into the air.

What not to do:
Do not place dry ice in water or other liquids.
Do not attempt to dump dry ice in a sink or toilet. The extreme cold will harm sink and toilet parts and pipes.
Do not dispose of dry ice in garbage receptacles or garbage chutes.
Do not leave dry ice in an unventilated room to evaporate. It will release a build-up of carbon dioxide into the air that can cause rapid suffocation.
Do not place dry ice on a tile or laminate countertop. Instead, use a solid surface – a wood cutting board or piece of plywood is best. Dry ice is sometimes used in tile removal and may destroy the bonding agent holding the tile or laminated material in place.
Do not store dry ice in a glass or air-tight container. Pressure will build up inside and could cause the container to explode

All orders are shipped in insulated shipping boxes by default. They can be reused infinitely if you wish. We are also looking to create a system where you can send boxes back to us.

We take our shipping very seriously. We always put enough dry ice in boxes to keep perishable products frozen for 3 days.

Of course there are events that are out of our control, so if for any reason your order arrives thawed and warm to the touch, we suggest sending us a photo with the label and order number, and we will take the necessary steps to work out a resolution for you that's reasonable and manageable by everyone.

The best and most effective place is to leave a review on Google. We appreciate all reviews and feedback!