Regenerative Farming Practices

Regenerative farming is what fuels our farm. We use multiple practices to enhance the cycles of nature on our farm, helping to produce a much more healthy and sustainable product for you.

Please explore all of our regenerative management practices on our farm. .

Pasture-Raised Chicken

Placed in a 11ft x 11f. portable field shelter, our meat chickens are moved every 24hrs onto fresh pasture. Receiving fresh air, bugs, grass, sunshine, and non-genetically modified feed (Non-GMO), these meat birds are ready within 7-8 weeks.

Grass-Fed Lamb

Our Sheep rotate pasture every 24-48 hours. In nature, herbivores are known to be constantly moving onto fresh pasture, to avoid the manure left behind and obtain the most nutritious food possible.

At Fat Mountain Farms, we aim to simulate the same process via portable electric netting to ensure our sheep are always on fresh pasture and heal the land in the process

Pasture-Raised Eggs

At Fat Mountain Farms, our hens play a vital role in naturally fertilizing our soil and providing our customers with highly nutritious eggs. Living in a portable coop, our hens are moved every 3-5 days, receiving the freshest grass & bugs, and receive sunshine all day long!