Meet The Team


Jeff Burroughs

Jeff is the CEO of Fat Mountain Farms. As a practicing Veterinarian for the last 30 years, Jeff has been around livestock most of his life. He always had a passion for raising livestock, but never thought his small passion would manifest into a fully fledged farm!

When starting Fat Mountain Farms, Jeff wanted it to be something that can be passed on through the generations. He wanted all of his family to have integral roles in the farm.

Over the last three years, Jeff has successfully helped implement regenerative practices on his 20 acres of land that the farm sits on. He has taught his family how to run a regenerative farm which can be passed down to his grandchildren and their children.

If you can't find Jeff on the farm, he is usually at the golf course. The most holes he's ever played in a day is 72!

Farm Operations manager

Jack Middleton

Originating from London, England, Jack came over to the United States on a Tennis scholarship to play at the University of Mount Olive. During his time at Mount Olive, he met his wife, Emma (who is also a key member of the farm).

Jack and Emma got married in 2020 and moved to the family farm. After one year of helping his father-in law, Jeff, on the farm, he fell in love with it and wanted to make it a full-time position.

In 2021, the farm became an official LLC, with Jack becoming part owner and Farm Operations Manager.

His day-to-day routine is to ensure everything on the farm is operational and running as efficiently as it can.

If you come a Farmer's Market or attend one of our tours, you'll be sure to meet Jack!