Ready to start your own regenerative farm? Explore our blueprints our farmers have designed for the exact chicken coops we use directly on our farm. 

11x11 Broiler Coop Blueprint

Are you ready to elevate your poultry game? Our meticulously crafted blueprint brings you the ultimate solution – the 11x11 PVC pipe broiler coop, a pinnacle of sturdiness and versatility.

What You Get:

- Easy-to-follow, step-by-step blueprint with instructions and vivid photos.
- Clear equipment requirements for hassle-free building.

Space for 65 Chickens:

- Spacious 11x11 dimensions for comfortable roaming on grass.
- Effortless pasture movement for optimal chicken care.

Versatile for All Goals:

- Perfect for personal use or business ventures.
- Only $15.00 for a world of poultry possibilities.

Why Build this Coop?:

- Durable PVC design for longevity.
- Sustainable farming with natural grass living.
- deal for scaling up your chicken enterprise.

And the best part is this coop can be built for less than $1,200

Order now and build your dream coop effortlessly!

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