We are Fat Mountain Farms, a first generation family farm (est. 2021) embarking on a mission to redefine the narrative of traditional livestock farming and land management. At the heart of our ethos is a commitment to enhancing the cycles of nature through time-honored grazing practices. Dive into a world where grass-fed lamb, pasture-raised chicken, and eggs nurtured under open skies take center stage. We aim to shatter the norms of conventional farming, choosing to go against the grain in favor of sustainable and regenerative methods that not only nourish the land but also bring you the highest quality, ethically raised meats.

Why We Began

Our farm officially began to grow when our CEO, Jeff, began running into a few health problems in his late 40's.

Jeff was always extremely active: he was an ex-wrestler and loved performing outdoor, physical activities.

However, he was constantly plagued with plantar fasciitis and cataract problems, and could not figure out why; It even got to a point where he was walking with a cane all day.

This all led to him researching his diet and realizing everything he had learned had been a lie. This was when Fat Mountain Farms was born!

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Our Values

We are proud to call ourselves a regenerative farm. To us, regenerative farming is working with nature rather than against her, enabling us to provide a truly healthier environment and greater animal husbandry on our farm.

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Grazing Against the Grain

For too long, society has been taught what to think, how to think, and told what is right for them. For years, we have seen no improvement to the health of society and the environment, even when we are following what we are told is right. At Fat Mountain Farms, “Grazing against the grain” means going against that “norm” and doing what is considered unconventional to achieve the unthinkable. When starting this farm, we learned the traditional agricultural practices have manipulated the growing cycles of crops and livestock far outside of the natural order. We are actively working to heal our land and strengthen our herd through holistic and sustainable practices. Our team believes God’s way is the best way of stewarding. By focusing on returning nutrients to our pasture and keeping our livestock in a happy environment, Fat Mountain Farms is able to provide 100% grass-fed/grass-finished and pasture-raised meat cuts to the local community.

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