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Fat Mountain Farms

Bi-Weekly Egg Subscription

Bi-Weekly Egg Subscription

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Receive x2 dozen eggs every two weeks.

Save $1 per dozen of eggs by subscribing to our bi-weekly egg subscription.

Need more eggs every two weeks? Simply purchase more than x1 subscription.

Available for farm store pickup or at any of our local pick up locations.

Important: We currently DO NOT ship eggs

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3x more omega-3's

4x more vitamin D

4.7x more B-carotene

3x more omega-3's

4x more vitamin D

4.7x more B-carotene

Pasture-Rasied Eggs FAQ's

Are your eggs corn and soy free?

No, we offer our chickens a certified organic feed that contains corn and soybeans. The issues with corn and soy arise when they are sprayed with herbicides and pesticides. Because we use an organic feed, pesticides are not allowed, which mean those ingredients have minimal omega-6's.

Do you ship your eggs?

No, unfortunately we do not currently ship our eggs.

Why do you label your eggs as "pasture-raised"?

We label our eggs as pasture-raised because our chickens live outside on pasture for their whole lives. We believe pasture-raised eggs are the best because it allows the chickens to express their natural instincts:

- Scratching

- Pecking

- Roaming